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Attending school on a Saturday

It totally sucks .

Firstly, it interferes with your piano lessons and most importantly , disrupts your beauty sleep which is essential ! I could’ve rise with a smile on my face today if it wasn’t for school replacement due to the incoming Chinese New Year holidays ! *shouts in joy*

That’s what I lack right now . At this mid hour in the afternoon , I feel nothing but groggy . Plus , it makes me feel as if it’s not a Saturday .  Lessons weren’t carried out , we spent most our time slacking around the school compound , gathered in groups chit-chatting. We even had time to play ‘Charedes’ which was the highlight of today . 🙂  It was my first attempt on playing this game . Twas filled with laughter 🙂

What else is there to blabber about ?

Oh yes , I can proudly say I have finished decorating the classroom in conjunction with Chinese New Year : ) It wouldn’t be possible without the help from everyone (except for ….) 😀 My favourite is the curtain like long chains hanging from above the front door of the class , very alluring . 🙂     No more fuss about decos least for the time being . *pheww*