lqtm ;)

I despise the humid and hot weather , wished it would rain : (

Because of that , my upper lips cracked and it hurts when i stretch my mouth.

Like many other students , I hate the new school dismissal time which is 2.30pm , almost midday already man and my recess time is at 10.50am which sucks . Grh , and i can’t help but to complain about my position in class , the frigging AJK Keceriaan , crappy job … you’ll feel like a dog .. going into Popular to purchase wallpapers for the boards in the class and bringing it to school and stapling them up and at the end of ze year , it gets torned down by some playful boys . I hope not . =/

Quote of the day’



My stomach is calling out for dinner ! so till then readers 🙂

Every ending is a new beginning

‘When one thing ends , something else begins.’

That’s a optimistic mentality everyone should have in mind as we step into a whole new chapter in our lives , welcoming 2010 .

Just a little wake up call , do you realise that often on New Year’s Eve , we tend to realise more than at any other time in our lives that we can never go back in time… We can look back and recall but we can’t retrace a single moment of the year that is past .

Well, 2009 has been quite a good and fun year for me (: I achieved quite few a things I wanted . ( i’m too lazy to ramble everything all out)

there were the normal ups and downs everyone would face .

All in all , it has been an awesome year !

What makes it awesome ?

Friends that are meant for keeps , God ; the one that holds the future in His hands and most importantly , family .

So I hope as everyone prepares for a new year , you’ll look back and not only remember the sad things but treasure the moments that you know will forever be embedded in your heart & mind and be grateful for the things people have done for ya 🙂 Don’t be daunted by what the future may hold for us , but instead know that whatever you do , there’ll always be the almighty one watching over us from above  🙂

I do .

Anyway , Happy New Year !

& have a great New year’s eve !

It is coming to an end

Hosted a mini new year’s eve party today , friends came over 🙂


It turned out to be quite good one despite gauging it would totally be boring .

Anyway , I’m so sticky right now after playing in the park with them .

it’s getting late as well ! so yess , i should go now !


Ohshoot, here comes the last day of 2009 !

Giving it that bling bling

I went to the dentist today , got my braces done …. finally .

It wasn’t painful at all but it felt darn weird , will get used to it soon i hope.

Right now , I don’t enjoy food at all cause boy oh boy , I can’t eat hard solid food . Dinner was crappy for me , had to drink soup with rice , potato and carrot all mashed up so I didn’t need to bite . One thing  I think i’ll never get used to is using my tongue to try removing stucked food particles in between the brackets (the metal thingy) . Man , annoying shit.

But anyhow , pictures as I promised 😀


my smexyy sweet 16th

( corny post ahead) hehehehe .

Hellooo everybody.

I’m grateful and thankful for the things my friends did for my birthday , special credit and thanks goes out to Geraldine ! the mastermind behind all these planning and surprise birthday cake . Thanks lovely.:D Thanks for turning up as well you guys (:

Yes , i was so gullible and foolish to fall for their lies . sigh sigh sigh amanda no wonder you get conned so easily.

This year’s birthday is the best among the others throughout my  teenage years 😉

I never expected ze surprise cake and I was really touched hahahhaa  . Too bad I didn’t shed a tear ! lol and aren’t people supposed to when they’re touched ? hahaaha  . Anyway , this is how it all went about . We were walking around aimlessly after lunch @ Zanmai  ( they hate me for choosing that place again ^.^ ) and out of the sudden Dine & Clara blind folded me with a jacket and took me to Secret Recipe . Oh and I had a bad encounter with a mother , daughter and her grandmother … While walking , I suddenly turned around and kinda knocked into their little kid and you can’t really blame me ;p cause i was still in a daze from  the surprise and they stared at me like a hawk man and made this * ahh ahh ahh * scolding tone . oh man , it was freaky.

We watched Alvin & the Chipmunks ! 😀 Cuteee stufff. Took pictures as well , with Zhen Wei’s 11K Nikon baby . haha

Go watch 🙂

In conclusion : Good food , fellowship and awesome friends made this day memorable 🙂

Thanks lovelies 😀

when i got home , mum baked Butter Cake with Icing on top 😀 Yummy .

thank you mom.



yesterday’s belated Christmas family gathering was good as well ( :

Haha too lazy to elaborate . Pictures soon 🙂





WHoopsie daisy , it's too big !
Haha , i love the snake made out of balloons .
Cute right ? 🙂
anyhow , my belated christmas family gathering starts about in an hour's time .
ps: Finally turning sixteeen . wheeeeeeee

Empire state of mind

The time now is exactly 12am , 26th December .

*browses through an application and checks the time in other parts of the world*

Fellow Americans are probaly opening up their presents since it’s morning and Santa Claus has already dropped off presents . What a bad influence Santa is , breaking into houses . Tsk tsk tsk . 

I’m sure it’s snowing in Hokkaido .

Gahhh , I’m so bored .

Today , whoops !  Yesterday didn’t feel like a weekday at all , felt more like a weekend . This gets to me on any pubic holidays , seems queer and hard to understand and unravel the reason for that thought . hah

I’m heading to bed . Goodnight!