Weekends are here and so , teachers decided to throw us a pile of homework  which includes self studying and making notes ! Gahhh

My Saturday turned out to be  pretty adventurous . Headed to KLCC for the Education Fair organized by The Star . It’s kinda early I would say but nevertheless better in many ways .
Had Sakae Sushi & Dessert’s Bar ! 😀

I hopped on the LRT there together with Geraldine love . I really must voice out something that really pisses me off , the LRT Service suck balls ! Once we arrived at KLCC and about to exit the station , the machines were spoilt and so there was a security guard at the corner collecting back the cards and then on the way back , we qued up and then suddenly , kaboom the ticket machine ran out of tickets , so retarded man ! It’s not efficient at all ! It’s so shameful i tell you . So I ended up making another terribly long queue . Bloody hell , and the information counter sucks ! aren’t they supposed to provide you with all ze information you need ? guess what ? we asked about the time schedule for the free Ikano shuttle bus which departs from Kelana Jaya  station , they couldn’t even answer that .

oh my , Japan oh Japan , i love you so much more !



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