facing your biggest fears takes courage

Hellloo my very well nelgected/abandoned/pretty washed up blog .

So far , my life has been nothing but a plain routine . Mainly , it’s SPM year for me which means alot of focus and attention lavished on reference books plus a hefty sum of exercise . Ughh , it’s get so dull i tell you but what can I do?

I’ve set goals which I’m hoping and praying to achieve in a long run . I know effort plays an important role in achieving it as well so I will continue to put up with whatever I’ve gotta do .

Heck , I’m turning 17 this year and when 2011 dawns  , I’ll be owning a car and going to college and oh boy , i’m psyched for all this excitement . It sounds so exhilarating .


I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when their right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together

I’m hungry

I would like to experience Chinese New Year in China or Hong Kong some day later, that could *open my eyes* to my Chinese culture which I am not familiar with and I’m not refering to the basics but more of the detailed ones . How embarassing eh ? for a Chinese to say this and guess what ? *i’m prepared for you to burst into laughter* I don’t hold chopsticks the right and exact way , in fact many say the way i hold it is just really awkward and odd which i guess it’s true but anyways , it’s easy for me ! 🙂

I’m back home @ my dad’s hometown , Penang . I bet your first impression or thought about Penang is FOOD ! well , it’s quite a food lover’s heaven … Asam Laksa , Kuey Tiao , Curry Mee …. uhm what else ? lol

I’m pretty stoned  here too , been on the computer since this morning , thank goodness mum brought her labtop together with some TV shows and movies inside or else I would go insane out of boredom .

the heavy traffic yesterday was just tormenting , it took us more than 6 hours to reach , my ass felt numb after that .

Well , I’m looking forward to Dinner tonight ! 😀

Steamboat i think?

as for now , Happy Chinese New Year! RAWRR AWAY !

Sing it

Rah rah ah-ah-ah!
Ro mah ro-mah-mah
Gaga Ooh-la-la!

Attending school on a Saturday

It totally sucks .

Firstly, it interferes with your piano lessons and most importantly , disrupts your beauty sleep which is essential ! I could’ve rise with a smile on my face today if it wasn’t for school replacement due to the incoming Chinese New Year holidays ! *shouts in joy*

That’s what I lack right now . At this mid hour in the afternoon , I feel nothing but groggy . Plus , it makes me feel as if it’s not a Saturday .  Lessons weren’t carried out , we spent most our time slacking around the school compound , gathered in groups chit-chatting. We even had time to play ‘Charedes’ which was the highlight of today . 🙂  It was my first attempt on playing this game . Twas filled with laughter 🙂

What else is there to blabber about ?

Oh yes , I can proudly say I have finished decorating the classroom in conjunction with Chinese New Year : ) It wouldn’t be possible without the help from everyone (except for ….) 😀 My favourite is the curtain like long chains hanging from above the front door of the class , very alluring . 🙂     No more fuss about decos ..at least for the time being . *pheww*

oh boy you’re dashing.

Ever since i turned on the compter , these Windows XP Security keep popping right up without fail .
It gets so freaking annoying . Little popups at the bottom right as well , so what if my computer is in danger ?

you don’t have to constantly remind me , I’m not stupid !?! Oh gosh , now surfing the web is a hassle as well as I was at facebook and suddenly it disappeared and that stupid Windows XP advertisement came up again . What the tooooot !

‘ Internet Explorer alert ! Visiting this site may pose a security threat to your system .

  • Get a copy of XP Internet Security to safeguard your PC while surfing the web. (RECOMMENDED)
  • Continue surfing without any security measures (DANGEROUS)


SCREW YOU ! I have Symantec , you Idiot !
You may call me a douche bag for pouring all my frustration into this tiny little space where I think barely anybody reads . Sue me . 🙂

Damn , my thighs are aching and I hope I can keep my stamina going at tomorrow’s Marathon Race. I’m hundred percent sure I’d come back cursing about how the sun was so blazing hot or how I felt like a loser .. being one of those last ones among my other dashing friends.




Heaven can wait

Firstly , I apologize for my lack of commitment towards this blog updating.

Frankly , I did want to update yesterday but was just hell lazy to turn on the computer and stuff. Speaking of yesterday , don’t y’all think the radio channels were playing odd and unusual songs , especially in the morning as Hitz & Mix FM were both playing instrumental songs which were exactly the same .

Then , later in the day, all the songs aired on Fly FM consisted of acoustic versions say for example , Apologize by Pixie Lott version & live performances . Has it all got do to with the passing of the King of Johor ? :S

Anyway , after an exhausting morning in school yesterday , I went for my first ever facial 🙂 it was good and relaxing i guess . The beautician helped me trimmed my eyebrows into a much more tidier sight for the human naked eyes .

that’s pretty much sums up my weekend.

As for today , I’m doing nothing but laze around at home.

Nothing beats some R&R time at home right ? 😉

time … is what everyone needs once in awhile.

to think

to rest

to breathe

yes , we need to breathe but now and then when we get caught up by our daily activities , we forget how to ?

omg so much crap ! I’m clearly syok sendiri-ing .

Everyday , without fail , teachers would throw us a pile of homework .


I’m drained and can’t seem to think of what to say , no more brain juice . :/




Weekends are here and so , teachers decided to throw us a pile of homework  which includes self studying and making notes ! Gahhh

My Saturday turned out to be  pretty adventurous . Headed to KLCC for the Education Fair organized by The Star . It’s kinda early I would say but nevertheless better in many ways .
Had Sakae Sushi & Dessert’s Bar ! 😀

I hopped on the LRT there together with Geraldine love . I really must voice out something that really pisses me off , the LRT Service suck balls ! Once we arrived at KLCC and about to exit the station , the machines were spoilt and so there was a security guard at the corner collecting back the cards and then on the way back , we qued up and then suddenly , kaboom the ticket machine ran out of tickets , so retarded man ! It’s not efficient at all ! It’s so shameful i tell you . So I ended up making another terribly long queue . Bloody hell , and the information counter sucks ! aren’t they supposed to provide you with all ze information you need ? guess what ? we asked about the time schedule for the free Ikano shuttle bus which departs from Kelana Jaya  station , they couldn’t even answer that .

oh my , Japan oh Japan , i love you so much more !